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Jennifer Rowlands


What's New?

Author signing!

I had an author signing at Barnes & Nobel last week. It went great! If you didn't get your book there, you can get it here!

I will have another signing at the Victor Public Library, NY in October. With me, I'll have The Girl in the Mirror, The Pirate Witch Switch, and Santa's Gift there.

Scavenger Hunt

My favorite genre to write is fantasy. I was bored one day, so a friend of mine said, "I'll give you one word and 20 minutes to write something about it."
The word: CINNAMON
20 minutes later, I had started a middle grade fiction novel. Want to read a sample? Follow the clues I've placed within my website to read the first few pages.
Here's your first clue:
I enjoy the freedom of painting. My favorite is a large canvas covered in grey branches and white flowers.