Jennifer Rowlands

​​Author & Artist

I come from a small town in the Catskills called Livingston Manor. I left there after graduating high school and somehow landed where I am today. I have a fulltime job as an instructional designer with a stable and respected organization. I enjoy what I do, but work is not my life.

My first love is my family, a wonderful husband and two amazing kids. They are what inspires me most. I find reflections of them within the characters of my books, whether I intended to or not. There is so much about writing and reading that I enjoy - mostly, the chance to free my creativity and imagination.

I enjoyed diving into the written word as a teen and young adult, but took a break to embrace college life, married life, and motherhood. My two boys and their daily excitement about the world and everything in it is what inspired me to pick up the pen (keyboard) again. Thanks to the support from family and friends, I am happy to present my works to you.

It's hard to find the time to write between a full time job, caring for my family, keeping the house in order, and life in general. When I am really into a book, I often forfeit sleep to write out my ideas. It's exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time!

A few years ago, I added another form of art to my creative efforts. I picked up a paint brush and was hooked after my very first painting. My collection -at home and those that have found new homes - continues to grow.

I truly hope you enjoy what I've created here and would greatly appreciate you taking the time to write a review for any of my books at your favorite retailer website, commenting on my books or paintings on Twitter or my Facebook page, or dropping me a line through email.

Enjoy life and don't leave your imagination behind!